Vibrant Tula Pink Throw Quilt, Easy Bake Pattern - Brilliant Colors and Fun Design


Liven up any space with this eye-catching Tula Pink quilt! Featuring the iconic Easy Bake pattern from the renowned designer's collection, this 54x62" throw quilt radiates a playful and energetic vibe with its vivid true colors.
Crafted with premium 100% cotton fabrics in Tula Pink's signature “True Colors” bold and whimsical style, this bright and cheerful quilt showcases a stunning array of prints and hues that will elevate your decor.
The backing features an adorable flamingo motif from Tula's cherished Flamingo Fancy line, adding a delightful touch.
Perfect for snuggling on the couch, accenting your bedroom, or brightening up a nursery, this eye-catching modern quilt makes a vibrant statement. Ideal for Tula Pink fans, color enthusiasts, and those seeking a lively pop of pattern and personality.

Embrace the bold, imaginative spirit of Tula Pink with this delightfully designed easy bake throw quilt – a playful and practical addition to any quilting or home decor collection!

Machine wash mild soap
Tumble dry medium. No bleach no dry cleaning

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