Amish Life Bundle P. Buckley Moss by Northcott 5 Fabrics Rare Out of Print


Amish Life by P. Buckley Moss for Northcott Fabric Bundle includes:

-1 Northcott Digital Panel Aqua Blue 25”x 44
-1 24 1/4 x44 Panel Amish Life Circular Scenic Cream with Multi 24-1/4x44 DP22195-11 Cream
-1 yard Northcott Amish Life Horse Drawn Vehicles Aqua Blue with Multi 22187-42 Blue 44” wide
-1 yard Northcott Amish Life Hat/Bonnet Toss 4 3/4 44” Wide All Over Beige Tan Black Dusty 22189 -12 Beigr
-1 yard Northcott Amish Life Hat Bonnet Toss All over Aqua Blue Black 44” wide

All 100% Cotton. This Line is rare and out of print. Each image is reproduced from one of the original paintings by P Buckley Moss. Her paintings represent a stylized primitive scene resembling the Amish culture. The originals are housed in the P Buckley Moss museum in St Petersburg Florida.

If you need more yardage please indicate in message.

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