Did you know Alma Sue's Shop creates custom Quilts? From Double Wedding Rings or Bargellos to a Custom Memory Quilt -we can do it all! 

Memory Quilts are a very nice way to remember a special time or a departed loved one. We have incorporated just about every fabric into a custom quilt such as neckties, jeans, baby clothes, sports t-shirts and even a wedding dress. How do you clean out those sports team t-shirts and jerseys and make memories at the same time? Have a custom memory quilt made with those t-shirts. They make a great graduation present. We have also had those who brought Dad's old t-shirts or jeans in to create a Memory Quilt. The possiblities are endless when creating a Memory Quilt.

This memory Quilt was made with t-shirts from various church mission trips.

All hand quilting is done in our shop. We also offer classes and open sewing days. Open Sewing allows you to come work on your project in our shop with  assistance from our teachers. Stay up to date on our custom creations and classes by following us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Alma-Sues-Quilt-Shop-117550191637859/

Call for custom pricing at 941-330-0993